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Couples Comments

"Our couples therapy has been a very eye-opening experience. Not only does it resolve conflicts, it helps you grow as a person-- the key for a healthy relationship"

Jose  & Karolina,  Amsterdam

"I wish we had discovered Helen years ago! All couples should go through this type of counseling as all relationships would benefit from it!"  

Almari & Jon, Vienna

"Learning about gender differences was very helpful, I loved Imago Therapy and Genograms were a real eye opener. The Speaker/Listener Technique was a Godsend.  The idea of having couples meetings would never have occurred to us, but they're a perfect way to separate the serious from the fun."

Anne & Joe, Washington, DC

"Helen was flexible scheduling appointments with us. Since we lived far away, we had sessions via Skype at a time most convenient for us. She was flexible in counseling us as well. Her level of firmness with us seemed to be appropriate and exactly what we needed at the time."

Nicole & Pierre, Geneva

"Helen did not allow us to regurgitate old fights during our sessions. Instead she gave us the tools to get to the root of our conflicts. Now we have a better understanding of ourselves and have techniques to communicate directly what we need from each other."

Ashley & Jordan, Princeton

"WE knew our marriage was in trouble but didn't know how to fix it.  Helen taught us how to build a stronger, more open relationship. It required real effort, but was worth it. Every week we did exercises to help us understand each other and develop interpersonal and communication skills. We learned how to resolve conflict, change harmful patterns and set healthy boundaries. Within weeks, our fighting decreased significantly. We were able to have more open discussions and actually solve problems together. Now we enjoy each other's company much more."

Katya & Lars, Amsterdam

"These therapy sessions are one of the best things to happen to us. I'm so thankful we stuck to it and didn't give up halfway through. I'd recommend it to anyone in a relationship who may be going through problems or who may simply want to avoid getting to the point where serious problems ever start."

Gabriela & James, Cranbury

"When we started premarital counseling we didn't

think we had problems-- but we were wrong. Now through Helen's treatment plan we have become better friends and lovers. There is no telling where we would be today if we didn't make this investment in our relationship"

Rosa & Erik, Vienna

"We learned so much---our relationship has gone from being stressful to peaceful, this has made my spouse  my refuge from the world. I feel we are ready to face new challenges together, which is what we always wanted from our marriage"

Jenna & Mike, Washington, DC

"On the first day we came to counseling, I thought our marriage was over and there was nothing we could do to repair it. Thankfully, Helen helped us turn our marriage around. The sessions gave us an open place to discuss things we couldn't talk about at home and Helen provided us with a systematic approach to deal with our conflicts".

Esther & Alec, Princeton

" The Speaker/Listener Technique was very helpful. It really set the framework for us coming closer together and understanding each other better."

Millie  & Ed,  Amsterdam

" We were facing considerable marital problems on the verge of an overseas move. Helen was able to help us solve our marital problems and prepare for life as expatriates, at the same time".

Ann  & Will,  Arlington

" Things are going very well and the lessons we learned in counseling have really stuck with us."  

(Ten years after finishing counseling)

Julie & Martin, Bethesda

"Developing communication skills really helped--then adding the Family Genogram was great--to first establish how to understand each other and follow up with the reasons for misunderstandings.

Learning about gender differences was great too!".

Mary & Fred, Vienna
Elle & Marc, Hopewell

"We've been to two different therapists before but none helped break down our problem the way Helen did. She's excellent at what she does. I think it should be mandatory to see her before commit-ting to a relationship".

                       Jan & Sue, Princeton 

"Fantastic experience!  Counseling really helped us. Helen was calming and very know-ledgeable."

                    Nicky & Jose, Princeton

"I immediately felt that Helen provided us with a simple system of analyzing our problems and modifying our behavior. She helped us repair our marriage and gave us the tools to move forward".

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