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Individual Comments

"I have been very pleased with my sessions with Helen. She was genuinely concerned about my health and well being.  She explained both sides of the difficult issues and choices I had to make. I always ended my sessions feeling like I had learned more about myself, my situation and how to deal with it." 

Paul, Moscow

"I've been progressing in leaps and bounds. I haven't felt depressed, and my headaches and anxiety have practically disappeared. I'm feeling fantastic, like I got my life back.

I really can't thank you enough for all the help. I know it's your job, but it changed my life and I enjoy the present and look forward to the future more than ever. I feel like I'm in control and I'm so grateful. Thank you! "

Connie,  Princeton

"Imago Therapy was very helpful. I still read the Harville Hendrix book on occasion".

Jon, Washington, DC

"Both the contents and the sequence of therapy was excellent." 

Steve, Princeton Junction

"Helen's observations were dead-on, reflecting her extensive experience working with individuals and couples." 

Rosa, Pennington

"I felt very comfortable talking to Ms. Rudinsky. She was very understanding and was a great listener. She  gave me good advice and always followed up with me to see how I was coping during a very difficult, stressful time in my life".

Irene, Vienna

"Helen helped me improve my relationship with my husband immensely. She taught me how to clearly communicate by using "I" statements and  helped me set solid boundaries. I have suggested family members do counseling with Helen."

Veronique, Lausanne

"The results of therapy were even better than I expected". 

Allen, Somerset

"I found all aspects of the treatment plan to be very helpful, especially communication skills. The handouts, videos, role plays and homework forced me to recognize and change my destructive actions with others. Several of my friends are thinking about therapy with Helen because of the changes they have seen in me." 

Jonathan, Plainsboro

"Helen tells you exactly what you need to hear. She assesses your situation quickly and accurately and gives a refreshing perspective.  Her approach is practical and made sense. After several attempts to find a therapist that I could connect to, Helen was just the person I needed." 

Claire, West Windsor
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